Catch The Target Game (WIP)

Click here to play on OpenProcessing

This was a game I came up with about 5 years ago, around the time I first started using Processing. I finally came around to building it out in p5js for others to try out!


  • Use the arrow keys to change the direction of your player.
  • Catch the targets that spawn on the screen. You will speed up a bit each time.
  • Yellow targets are worth 5 times the points.
  • Blue targets will slow you down a bit
  • Purple targets are bad! DON’T HIT THEM! (They do disappear after a few seconds)
  • Hitting a target within 2 seconds of its spawning will give you an extra bonus :wink:
  • Going out of bounds or hitting the bad purple targets = GAME OVER!

Still a work in progress, but completely functional so far: I will be adding a few more things to polish it up a little (including actually adding these rules), but any other suggestions are appreciated! :slight_smile:

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