Code Format icon

I propose to make the code format button icon </> maybe more intutive.
Just to make it easyer to find by new user, and not so new user like me that dont remember where t ofind it each time.

ex. [Code format]



Until today, I never figured out what </> was supposed to mean or where it was supposed to be. I always used View > Source (in the browser) to (re) figure out what html tag to use (spanning a few years of forum use and a dozen-plus code posts).

Finally just found it, buried under (what to me looks like) the settings icon for the editor.

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I have recently made this gif and added it to the relevant FAQ pages on the forum:

Format code

Feel free to use it in your own messages if you are helping someone format their code. You can add it by pasting this line in your message:

![Format code](upload://7sQFL1UrW7m6WvgXlZWtIZytFYV.gif)

Great gif, very helpful!
Not sure what I’m missing, but I’m not getting the ‘format code’ button on my main toolbar (firefox, Win 10). Who knows, and no longer needed.


@ottenm Android tablet the same


It is the preformatted text one at the top of the menu :slight_smile:


— mnse