Can I read data from another softwares database?

I recently found out and have been shown the potential of using processing to create small programs dealing with information like production times :blush:

Now I wondered… I have a lot of data in a production planning system. I don’t know if I can access it, I’ll have to chat with the it supplier on that.
But if I could find data in this other software that tells how much work is planned to run in a machine For example. I could draw staples and diagrams in processing that would live update from the input data in the other software?

Does it sound possible?
Maybe our software supplier would need to create a script on there behalf to get the numbers I need and put them in a place where processing can read?

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databases are complex,

-a- you can get data from them like by SQL

requires not only the skills to write it
the knowledge of the database structure
also the full (read) access to the database
and the network connection.

-b- usually a database is of some use,
like generate reports LIKE A TO-DO LIST on paper ( for people )
or directly send setpoints to machines

for data exchange a file format would be

CSV file

that is not only human readable LIST ( just separated by “,” )
it can be even generated / edited by us.
( using simple editors or spread sheet tools (not really need a full ms excel ))

that is where it is preferred over JSON what most probably
will not be typed edited by you.

in case no network exists you can get a CSV file from that database report generator
by email or USB stick …
( after that IT manager created / run that report for you )

and use that file with processing
what has a little bit other syntax as arrayList or JSON
but is same powerful.
( so not show us later some code where you struggle to convert “table” to “array”
there is rarely the need to do that )

bar code / QR code reader ( sticker on parts? )
might be connectable too.


Thank you :slight_smile:
I’ll have a chat with our IT staff and see if there is anything they can help out with.
We recently created a service that show some data from the planning software in a separate window. So there must have been some kind of work done getting specific data out already so they might have a database for this. :slight_smile:

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Another tool that might be of interest is DBManager for Processing

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