Accessing an SQL server database using the SQL library


Hi, I am new to Processing and this forum. I couldn’t find any other posts on this so if this is an old question, please provide a link to the answer. Can you use the SQL library to access an SQL Server database? The library lists MySql access. If so, what modifications would be needed? Thank you.


Are you running in the back end or are you accessing as a client? Or you want to do a get/post request? If the latter, do you have already a layer that allows you to interact with your DB?

This is next post is not a MsSQL but a java DB (Derby so I understand from the post): It does not answer your post but I added more for future reference.



Thanks Kf, I am just starting this project. The goal is to use serial communications between a pc and an Arduino board. This step has been accomplished. Next step is to establish this serial communication through a bluetooth connection. I just got the HC05 so that is still to be done. Once the communication has been established, I want to also interface with a database where command codes can be stored. Commands could then be accessed through the pc and sent to the arduino. This is still in the planning stages but this would allow a user friendly remote command interface to a robot where the commands could be updated without reprogramming the arduino directly. It is ambitious and will have to be thought out in detail once the basic communication and access are established. The link you provided looks promising. Thanks again.