I'd like to convert Processing code into C++ code

Hi boys&girls, I want to Processing code into C++ code

Since I studied Processing as a first coding language, It feels so confused when I try to study other coding languages.
Language that I’m studying now is C++ language.
I’d like to see some same examples with both Processing and C++, but I can’t find proper difficulted one.
So, Now I’m looking for code converting libraries or something.
If you have good examples or language converting method, Please Let me know!

Thank you for reading this topic

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First, understand both languages.

Then read the Processing code. Understand what it’s intent is.

Then write C++ code that does the same thing.

Thank you for the advice.
But Why I feel difficult when I’m studying C++ is:
-In processing, I don’t need to call other classes when I try to visualize something. I can change pixels easly. But in C++, even drawing rectangle is hard to me. To draw someting, I need to call many, unfamiliar header files. When I try to read about that header file, that file also have some reference files. These complicated C++'s reference structures are confusing me. ;(

Right. Different languages are useful for different things. Processing is good for graphical stuff because it simplifies a lot of the details that you would encounter trying to do graphics in other languages (like C++). Of course, C++ provides benefits of its own! For one, you can compile it, and thus create an executable program that you can give to someone else without revealing to them the source code. It’s probably a better choice if you are working with file systems and allocating objects dynamically, or in situations where performance matters.

Different tools for different tasks, right?



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Very very Thanks!
It is almost what I looking for…:grin: