Bonporti (latest piece)

I just released my latest piece: Bonporti.

I may work with Maya & Houdini professionally, but processing is the tool I’ve been looking for that allows me to do my art the way I want to do it: entirely in code. And I feel like I’m finally tapping into it, to do the art I’ve always wanted to do.



I enjoyed the music and the visual animation was excellent. Overall a very relaxing experience :relaxed:

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Really enjoyed it! Thank you so much for sharing. The “dancing” path animation was excellent.

I was particularly curious about these:

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 9.26.47 AM


Thank you Jeremy. (And quark.)

I was particularly curious about these:

Yes, I thought you might be. :wink:

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Terrific job! I love Baroque. As for the glyphs: signs from the da Vinci code or the Illuminati?? :thinking:

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