Black Screen on Sketch 'Run'

I am running the Processing client (latest beta version) on a Macbook Pro 2019: Catalina Version 10.15.7. When I save my work and click the ‘Run’ button my display goes black for a couple of seconds and then it comes back with the sketch rendered. I was having a hard time finding similar issues. Any idea what could be causing this?

hi! welcome to the forum! does it happen with a specific sketch? if so, could you share it? does it happen with other versions, for example, processing 3? it may be helpful to open an issue on github too:

Thanks for the welcome! And I haven’t tried creating any other sketches. I was downloading it for the first time on this machine and was getting a basic sketch setup when I noticed the issue. I have not tried other versions yet either but will try older versions. If the problem does not persist I will most likely post it as an issue on github.