Beginner/easy Platformer game example?

Hi, I’ve asked a couple questions here but was wondering if anyone had a platformer game example code that is very simple without much. I just need to get how to place platforms. Thanks!

You are unlikely to get a complete working example at this point because like three people are posting asking about a Mario game right now… And none of them has posted their own code…

I would post my own code but its all over the place and I used images that you won’t have access to so it’d be hard even then to help I assume. I don’t need a full working copy of a game but rather I’d like to learn how to do it myself but to do so I need code to look at as an example because I am a beginner.

Thank you but I’ve seen this example and it seemed like they used some library? I was looking for something simpler, doesn’t have to be mario or a full game, just enough to kinda “teach” me how to place platforms or collisions.

I made this and will be posting the code very soon, like less than 24hrs. Sorry for the wait but if you are wanting to understand my code…you’ll be grateful I spent the time refactoring it before giving it to you.

If you can’t wait for the mario game, the other game posted higher on the page is also a platformer and the source code is already released.

Thank you! I’ve been stumped for a while and have made little progress so I’m hoping this’ll help and come soon. Haha I want to work on this as quickly as I can.


Let tokyo show his code first.

This is homework and he hasn’t shown code