Available display resolution doesn't match hardware

I used to run processing on a laptop with a 1440x900 display. I now have a new laptop with a 2560x1600 display. I used a timemachine backup to initialise the new laptop. In the processing preferences the only option is a display with the old resolution. When I run fullscreen() and print the width and height, I receive 1440x900. The sketches are being linearly scaled up and not utilising the pixel density of the new display.

How do I get the correct hardware resolution as a display option in my preferences?

I have tried:

  • Searching through the preferences file but found nothing that references display size (I don’t know where the display size was saved and carried over in the backup)
  • Deleting and reinstalling Processing
  • Connecting external displays to “update” the available display array. The external displays have the correct resolution but the laptop display remains at the incorrect resolution.

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