Automated Projection Mapping Calibration

Greetings! I want to use Processing for a projection mapping project. I have multiple projectors in a small studio space. I am currently using MadMapper to create a mesh for the mapping, however, it is quite tedious and the result is not great due to distortions in the resulting mesh. I am also still testing the best positioning of the projectors which necessitates a quicker mesh generation workflow as each time I change projectors / move projectors, the mesh must be remade. I think the main problem is due to MadMapper’s inability (or, perhaps, my inability to use MadMapper lol) to create a mesh for a complex, organic form while also blending / extending the projected content across the aforementioned projectors. I assume something like this has already been done for Processing and was wondering whether anybody could point me in the right direction. : )

Maybe ARcore could be related. I suggest you have a quick look online if they have the capabilities you are looking for:

BoofCV might also potentially… OK, I don’t know much about it.


oh, thanks so much! I have not considered something like ARcore. I shall look into that and BoofCV and update if I uncover anything : )

Another option to think about is something like lightform (“projection mapping made easy”) – although it is pricey and has a long pre-order delay:

great, that is something to consider! i had seen it before and now realize that i entirely misunderstood what the hardware solution was. this gave me some ideas to explore / develop further. thanks!