Projection Mapping


I was wondering if any of you know a good way to do projection mapping with my Processing sketch. Many years ago I have used the Syphon library in combination with MadMapper, but if possible I would like to use an open source application (for Mac) to do this.

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Have you tried Keystone?


No haven’t used anything but MadMapper so far

I just tested Keystone’s example sketch on my MacbBok Pro and it works well–could be worth a try. If it doesn’t have the features you need, I’d be happy to discuss translating p5.mapper or p5.projection to Processing.

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Keystone is really cool, I love its simplicity! Unfortunately in my case I can’t use it now – some parts of my sketch don’t appear inside the surface, some do. I guess it would take forever to figure what works and what not.

I guess I will continue using the Syphon library, just need to find an app for the projection.

Does anyone know an open source mapping app for Mac that takes a Syphon stream?