Autoformatting pains / Tool ideas?

So I have a new Linux machine and Ctrl+T code formatting is not working anymore on Processing Python mode. I had this issue before and I don’t know how to solve it… it seems to be related to permissions/network access because the IDE communicates with its internal pep8 process using some socket (?) I suppose.

  1. Any suggestions?

  2. Now I’m completely useless as a Processing Tools developer, as one needs to use Eclipse to produce a plug-in Tool for the Processing IDE, but, hey, is there anyone willing to try a tool that runs a Python code formatter on a sketch? I could imagine adding other features later…

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Do we think this is because of Internet Connection?

I guess your Internet Connection is okay.

But maybe you have a Virus Scanner or Port Watcher running.

Disable those and test again if ctrl-t works please.

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I can confirm this is an issue on Windows, too. Do we have any idea when the feature stopped working (which release)? Perhaps we could look through the commit history to see where this issue might have crept in?


Hi Chrisir, I’m on Linux, no Virus Scanner as far as I know… but after 5 years I’m still very much clueless on any advanced settings or networking beyond checking if my wi-fi connected :smiley:

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