GSOC 2021 - Autocomplete Project of p5.js-web-editor

Hello everyone, I am Rishabh Taparia an undergraduate student of NIT Trichy, India. I have been doing some research on Tern.js library for the autocompletion functionality of p5.js-web-editor.

Codemirror (the editor used for p5.js-web-editor) has an inbuilt autocompletion option for JS, HTML, CSS. So, instead of using the tern.js lib can we simply use the inbuilt functionality of Codemirror?

Also, this project was carried out in an earlier GSOC project and if possible can someone point me to the repository where the earlier work was done, so I can have a brief idea about the project?
Thank You!

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I totally agree with the proposal and having auto completion for the web editor would be helpful ! :wink:

You said :

How do you know that? Couldn’t find info on that too :thinking:

Here is a nice code mirror demo for auto completion with JavaScript :

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@cassie Ma’am how much progress was made in the Autocomplete project when it was carried out in GSOC '17. And what additional features are required to be implemented along with the basic auto-completion task?

The process of converting the YUIDoc of p5.js to tern def file as specified here [ · GitHub] makes the autocomplete feature work only when p5.js Instance mode is used.
In the generated Tern def file according to the above link, all the p5.js functions are written as methods of the p5 class and hence direct usage of these on the web-editor will not result in an autocompletion task. Can someone help me, in understanding the process of YUIDoc to Def file conversion?
@cassie @saberkhan

Hi @rt1301 we are not accepting projects for p5.js web editor this year because we don’t have mentors that can support them right now.

Thank you for the clarification :slightly_smiling_face:, I’ll look for other projects to contribute!!