AppData Recovery

Some time ago I discovered that whenever I execute a sketch it saves all the sketch tabs in a new C:/Users/me/AppData/Local/Temp/sketchName_[randomnumbers]temp directory. (I’m obviously using Windows.) Inside the folder each tab is saved with the name of the sketch suffxed by .class. Thus a sketch named Test with tabs Hello & Goodbye would be look like this:


I wrote a little batch script that cleans this Temp directory out, because it can get quite bloated quite quickly.

But I was wondering: is it possible to recover one of these sketches? If so (and I expect it must be somehow), how does one recover it? (I ask because I would like to see how I did something in an earlier iteration.)

Thank you.

You need a java decompiler. I just tested this one online and it worked:
www . javadecompilers . com
You can find one online :slight_smile:

In IntelliJ Idea (the IDE) you can just put the files into your current project and double click them to see their decompiled source code.

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Hello hamoid, thank you for the reply!

It’s good to know that all I need is a decompiler, and that I can find one online for free.

The url you supplied sent me to a site that was insanely insistent that I turn off my ad-blocker. I normally never do that, but I made an exception this time just to try it. I was amazed by how much real-estate was taken over by ads, especially related to purchasing things I had been duck-duck-going (I don’t use Google) the past few days.

I’m also quite wary of downloading things from such sites, but I gave it a whirl. I didn’t have the success you did, but now I at least know what I need to look for, so thank you again!

Oops sorry about that. I use uBlock + uMatrix, so I had not noticed any ads and it did not even ask me to disable my ad-blocker, since I probably had blocked their script.

I think I’ll remove the link above so anyone searching for this knows that it is possible to convert a .class file to .java (even if the variable names may be lost) and that you only need a java decompiler.

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For Eclipse, I believe the latest plugin is the Enhanced Class Decompiler: