Losing saved parts of sketches (tabs)

Working on a larger project and having occasional reoccuring problems with saved sketches.
They do not seem to save that well to files. My sketch exists of 7 different tabs. Every so often one of these tabs (x.pde) seems not to be saved. I can recover using the stored x.tmp file but still it does not feel really secure. I backup a lot so not yet real damage done.

I found people online that had the same problem but have not seen a solution. Do I do something wrong, or can I get this from corrupting each time?

can you please add / confirm some info?

  • processing 3.5.3
  • what operating system ( and 32 / 64 bit )
  • operation: do you save the project prior to run the sketch?
    ( understand that that is actually something we not want to do,
    as we want to save new code lines only if we know they work well )
  • you use the PDE / Tools / Archive Sketch / for backup?
  • your wording is not clear, is the newly change in a tab missing after save project
    is a prior existing tab ( .pde file ) missing?

-processing 3.5.3
-win10 64bit
-yes, I save (half of the times) before running. I do not want to lose any changes I make.
-no, didn’t know of that option. Right now I step to a new version number when the project steps into a new programming goal.
-a whole tab will be missing completely when starting up Processing. And sometimes Processing (while working on the sketch) alarms me that a tab (*.pde) is missing in the folder and asks me if I want to save it again.

Maybe x as a name for the tab is too short.

I work with longer names like classCamera

(Would be a bug anyway)

X.pde was not the real name. Actual name is longer.
My fault.
Should have typed *.pde

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can you share

  • a project.zip

  • a error log from
    c:\Users\ < USER > \AppData\Roaming\Processing\console
    like 191001_015841.err

other question, is there something special with your sketch path?
google drive or drop box?? while these apps are running? i would not use…

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Could it be that the files get corrupted because of my Synology backing up everything continuously? Never had a problem with other programs with that.

working on a network drive should be ok,
and if that has a auto backup also ( if no raid error )

but better try again on a local sketchbook.

also if the network drive with backup system would be responsible,
the problems should be with every sketch ( single .pde too )

you found any error log?

Not yet, will be searching again on monday.
It happens every now and then, so quite difficult to replicate.

Well, apparently the tab gets deleted externally. As the title of the window says. Did not see that until I had a better look.
So that is not something processing related but could be more of a Synology syncing thingy.

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