Any idea how to make this in processing p5.js?

Hi Jarin7,

You can use abs(cos()) function to get something similar.

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Do you mean, draw that exact shape with bars, or should it be based on something – like a particular curve / wave, or probability distribution?

Or hooked up to something, like audio?

Or visualizing a list of data entries like a bar graph…?

Yeah, it should look “something” like this. It’s 1 period of two-way regulated sinusoid. y = 0 at (0,0),(50,0)(100,0) Lines should be 1 pixel big and between lines there should be 1 pixel gap. It has nothing to do with audio. Sorry for not specifing closer earlier, thanks for any idea.

It sounds like you want to draw a series of rectangles, starting rom 0 and going to x – use a for loop for that, and rect().

Then, you want to change the height of each rectangle according to a sine wave function. Use sin() for that.

…in fact… you might want to take a look at the Processing short example for using sin


That is if you want to use Processing. If you want to use p5.js, you can go to to find the equivalent functions.


Oops! That’s right – I missed that it was p5.js.

A guide on how to sin, you say? :smiling_imp:

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Thanks! That helped me a lot but don’t you know how to make it look exactly like in the picture?


Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it.