[Android] 'Text is garbled.' When will it be resolved? help me

  1. ref link : [Android] Regarding the Android mode, has the text breakage been resolved?

    Please refer to the image.
    example) Korean / Japanese / English
    If you experiment through, All texts are broken except in English.
CharSequence[] Choice_v = {"공급기-1","공급기-2","공급기-3","공급기-4","공급기-5","공급기-6"}; // Korean 
CharSequence[] Choice_v = {"FEED-1","FEED-2","FEED-3","FEED-4","FEED-5","FEED-6"}; // English

I’ve mentioned it before.
2-1) There is no ‘text break phenomenon’ in Android 3.0.
2-2) In Android 4.0, ‘text is broken’ occurs.

Q1) Have you ever solved it?
Q2) Is there any way to solve it?
Q3) I wonder if there are any plans to solve it.