Android Mode emulator disconnect

When sending a sketch to emulator I keep getting a message that the emulator connection broke before completing. Is there a timer that can be adjusted please?

I have to admit it is hard to debug this problems as it is platform dependent. Based on my limited experience, if this would have happened to me, I would do this:

  1. Run my app in the emulator
  2. If it fails due to a time out, do not close the emulator. Try running your app again

The trick is not to close the emulator. When the emulator is running, you should be able to run your sketch in the emulator and it will take just few seconds to load as you are loading your sketch and you do not have to wait for the emulator to start from zero. When you are done with the emulator, before you turn off your computer, you should shut down the emulator using its menu.

However, I am not sure if your emulator does not launch because of timing or some internal conflict. Have you launched an emulator before using something like Android Studio?

I used to have the timing issue when I started in Android mode about a year ago or so. Last few times I ran the emulator, I did not have this problem.


Thank you Kfrajer.
I do leave the emulator on screen. I notice that each time I use ‘run in emulator’ it takes a long time to build, and I seem unable to find much tutorial other than the Android section (sparse). I would expect that once built, one could send the apk (or something ready built) to the emulator. Is there a way please?

I did use Basic4Android some years ago and it sent the compiled build to the device and it remained there for debugging.
I guess I will have to try and find a real device but then it would only represent one device.