An Innovative Problem's Solution - app prototype in P5

I’ve been enrolled in a challenge where I’ve to make an app which solves a problem (I think the problem itself should be innovative)…
Got many points:

  1. An app which tells only about the truth of an action made by the government.(OPINIONLESS MEDIA).
  2. An app which tells the whole society of application users about a person who needs a help in something.(PHYSICAL HELP LIKE IN WALKING TO THE SUBWAY STREET ETC).
  3. An app that helps the people suffering from depression and motivate them to talk with experts and do motivating excercises (like playing a game).
  4. An app that have a list of many high-pitched voices irritatable to different pests.

these are some I have thought of. Last one, I don’t want to follow-up now. ANY SUGGESTIONS?? and remember to guide me through the basic function of the app specifically in p5js…

Reminders on the google calendar have a lame single notification that is easy to miss

suggestion: make an app that uses the google calendar API to create custom alarms at the time of reminders.


can I do it on a library??? I don’t know anything else…