Always fullScreen in presentation mode or executable

I have a weird problem in latest (4.3) Processing in MacOS Big in that I want the sketch to run in a window but can’t make it not be fullscreen even though I uncheck this when I export. Never used to behave like this. Is it just me? If not is there a workaround?

BTW I posted about this on 2020 but not a single response!

Not an issue on my Mac. Perhaps post a minimal demo which shows the problem along with a screenshot of your export settings.

Weird! Ok here is a screen recording:

I am unable to reproduce the full screen issue on my system. See image below. What is the app behind the editor window? How did you get the word ‘Present’ beside the run button in the editor?

Hi. If you hold down the shift key the word ‘Present’ appears next to the buttons when you are over the run button – I often simply hold shift and click play to present sketches instead of going to menu and selecting ‘Present’. The app in the background is the compiled app from the Processing source. After it is built, double clicking opens the app and runs it – but it’s fullscreen even though I never asked it to be!

On a mac, cmd-R is the short cut for run. When you add the shift key you are asking it for presentation mode, which is fullscreen. Try using just cmd-R and forget the shift key if you don’t want fullscreen.

To be clear – everything is fine in authoring mode – cmd-R is the same as clicking on play while holding shift – all good and presents fullscreen but in a window as it should. Problem is when I export it as an application and launch it it runs full screen and not in a window as per the video

In the video why are you clicking on the Presentation check box to select it, then clicking again to deselect it and then hitting ‘export’? Try not clicking on ‘Presentation’ before hitting ‘export’.

To illustrate that I don’t want it to be in presentation mode! It makes no difference whether it’s on or off. It used to but no longer

I’m using an old macOS (11.6) on a five yr. old mini. Have you changed your os or system lately? You said you’ve had this problem for three years, but I’m not sure Processing 4.3 existed 3 yr. ago. We need to have someone else with a mac see if they can reproduce your observations.