"Present Mode" not removing menu bar?

Using fullScreen() or using the Present feature does not remove the Mac OS menu bar for me on Mac OS 10.11.6 El Capitan.

Also, has anyone else noticed if sketch > Present (command+shift+R) is behaving differently on Python Mode vs Java Mode?

It kind of looks like it’s not presenting at all (Should I open an issue?).


can NOT confirm,

PDE / pyton mode / example / …
Sketch / Present [ctrl][shift][r]

runs nice ( with the little ‘stop’ left down )
win 10 / 64bit / processing 3.5.3 / python mode
so might be a MAC build thing

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I won’t be on El Capitan anytime soon, but if you haven’t already opened an issue and you are seeing an issue, you should.

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We can follow up here now:

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