AI-Post-Processing Job of Lunar Eclipse Foto Series


I’ve made an interesting foto series of the lunar eclipse yesterday, when the moon has left the eclipse and dropped into light again. The conditions have been perfect.

Unfortunately I did not have a professional astrononomic foto equipment at hand, and I had to use 28x Tele only.

Thus, I am looking for someone, who can pimp my fotos with artficial intelligence post processing up (for instance using Tensorflow and Keras or comparable).

From my point of view, the fotos especially need corrections for the following:
[]Shaking (very little)/ Movement of the moon
[*]Upsizing (without sharpness compromise) by artficial intelliegence.

The photos may not be the best astronomy photos, but I have a personal relation to them, understand?

I am posting one photo as example, so that you can figure out, what is possible and make an offer based on your exemplary post production.


I might be a bit old school but the way you ask for help feels a bit rough… We won’t do the job for you!

Anyway, regarding your problem, why do you want to use AI to solve it?
Photoshop (for exemple) have a really good shake reduction filter and at least 5 different ways to sharpen an image - those kind of software are, after all, dedicated to tackle those kind of problems.


I concur his way of requesting help seems over the edge, I don’t think he will get help on his photo that way. If you are looking for AI powered tools thou try Let’s Enhance