Adding new Feature of mouse interactions

Usually we see that mouse and pointer interactions are a bit difficult to implement in code, how about we provide access to some of the most common mouse interactions? We can also allow users to create their own custom interactions.

I would like to know your insights on this. We can make things a lot simpler for frontend developers and can aim to simplify what gsap does.

@qianqian_ye @limzykenneth

Please tell me what you mean by this?

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Ok so if you have visited very UI intensive website, the cursor is not your simple pointer, it’s actually interacting with the webpage, maybe tracing the path sometimes or doing things…for example have a look below at this

This is an example of how the cursor is not some simple pointer.

Actually, processing has very strong mouse commands

for example cursor() / Reference /

please be more specific

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I added direct links to help visitors to this topic: