Mouse Interaction Creates Pattern?

Please excuse the n00b question.

Is there sample code or a library for a mouse interaction similar to Kawandeep Virdee’s Confetti Vortex?

I have looked through the topics and do not find anything similar.

Thank you!

Next questions:

  • Mac input
  • Porting to Git and Github from Openprocessing
  • Input from an external sources
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Hello and welcome to the forum! Great to have you here.

reminded me off this Pulses / Examples /

You can make a growing shape instead of the flower.

here is the shape:

size(600, 600); 

float x=width/2; // =mouseX; 
float y=height/2; // =mouseY; 

vertex(x, y-80); // TOP
vertex(x+40, y); // Right middle 
vertex(x, y+80); // Bottom 
vertex(x-40, y); // LEFT 
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@Chrisir Thank you!

Very cool, now I know what it is called “Pulses.”

Happy New Year.

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