Feature Request - Mouse button logic

Hey, I recently fixed a bug related to the mouseButton (source/events/mouse.js) variable and im currently thinking about implementing a new feature where I further change the logic arround this variable (mantaining its current logic, but adding a couple changes arround it so that users still have the same behave for the variable they are used to). The fix was simple som my idea was to implement a more suffisticated change that could be more beneficial over time.
This feature would implement a way to access the previous interactions with the mouse in more simple and intuitive way, of course adding the correspondent unit tests.

So far haven’t seen any post or issue in the repository that has the same idea so i wanted to work on this and know what other people think about this…

Nice suggestions! I’m curious to see how it develops.

My understanding is that p5.js currently focuses on accessibility. So if this is not directly addressing enhancement in accessibility features, I’d suggest making it as a plug-in, but correct me if I’m wrong.