About Live Video Capturing

Is there a way to capture live videos and render those live videos


What do you mean by live videos? Is it live from the webcam or live from a streaming platform like YouTube or Twitch?

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I meant a external video camera

Ok, this is what you need :

The Video library plays movie files and captures video data from a camera. Video can be captured from USB Cameras, IEEE 1394 (Firewire) Cameras, or Video Cards with composite or S-video input devices connected to the computer.

And also you have this great tutorial made by Daniel Shiffman on the Processing website (I encourage you to check other tutorials) :

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I will have a external camera with its antenna somewhere else not next to me or my PC. Can I capture its video flow as well ? Like Debut Video Capture

How do you connect to the wireless camera?

With RC 832 Receiver. I connect it to my PC’s usb port via a 3 way Red Yellow White cable @josephh

I Guess no answers ?


Sorry for not answering your question, I don’t really know this type of hardware.

But if you can connect it to your laptop via usb, does it mean that your computer can recognize it as a webcam? If yes then have you tried using the Processing video library linked above?

To see if your camera is recognized, you can see the output of this line (with the video library imported) :