Livestream from web to processing


I am building an art project and I need to fetch a live recording from a camera to Processing to manipulate the image. I have tried to connect the camera to the computer but it seems that only live streaming to a website works. I have no clue how I could make processing read the video from a website.

I hope it’s understandable what I am trying to do, if not please feel free to ask for details.
Any help will be appreciated!
Thank you!

You got that streaming to a website working? Is it simply streaming to a web address or is it really presenting a website where you can view the video?

I don’t think streaming should be the only way to get an image here. What camera are you using and what drivers? Seems to me like you should be asking somewhere how to simply display camera images in something like vlc first. Maybe in a forum of your hardware manufacturer or some general hardware forum.

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Hi! Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:

The camera streams to an actual website for uploading and viewing live streams (Ustream).

Yes, I also think I should connect it directly to the computer it’s just I can seem to find a way to make it work. I am using a Panasonic HC-v750.

What have you tried? Have you tried using the basic video capture sketch from examples, and selecting the camera from the list (if it appears)?