A p5.js cheat sheet for beginners!


I’ve made a cheat sheet for beginners for my workshop at PCD @ Minneapolis tomorrow. I figured some folks here might like to see it / use it too!

Download PDF here!



nice, but could you squeeze in the

for ( int i = start; i < stop; i++ ) {statements}

and possibly on the grid system picture
indicate the


and for the
if then also the

if ( true ) { } 
else { }


Looks great! I might take a few of these to PCD@Denver tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.



I’m not going to squeeze in a for loop, this is intended for a day 1 beginners workshop, it’s not meant to be comprehensive. At some point I’d like to add an intermediate sheet that could be printed on the back side and that would absolutely include a for loop example. Feel free to modify, the indesign files are on the github repo.

I do want to also add that this is a simplified and redesigned version of Ryo Sakai’s original more expansive cheat sheet which can be found here (this has a forloop): https://twitter.com/ryodejaneiro/status/827314983948210176?lang=en

else is tricky since I’d need to really make a more complex diagram, but it could be added without the diagram, I’ll think about it, again, feel free to mod in the short term.

The height and width is a good idea for day-1 beginners.

I wont be able to modify anything until next week, so if you need the changes you’d like sooner, you’ll have to boot up indesign and have a go at it!

thanks for the suggestions~


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actually it would be good if it would be a intro page for the
or a online editor menu point under [help and feedback] like the shortcuts…
or add it

so possibly open a issue at

as a improvement.
( but also read

even it is not same style )



There is now a French Translation and I’m seeking more translations for the beginner sheet! Specifically looking for Spanish and Chinese, but all translations welcome!

Get the PDF

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