3D Game : Rebellion on Pern

About 18 months ago I decided it was about time to learn Javascript and p5js. Since then I have created quite a few graphic applications recently culminating in loading and animating MD2 Quake 2 (3D) models.

I decided to incorporate these models into a 3D game and the image below shows a scene from the game and the user guide screen.

To play the game simply click Rebellion on Pern

NOTE: the game requires both the mouse and keyboard so is not suitable for mobile devices.

I once completed the game in 4.5 mins but only after some practice, perhaps you can do better.

Hope you enjoy the game.


I have added an auto-play feature. Hitting the [M] key while playing the game will have the computer hunt down and destroy the enemies while you watch. You can filp in and out of auto-play as much as you like with the [M] key.

Rebellion on Pern

Enjoy :grinning: