Everyone talking : full animation produced with processing



Video : original graphics, full animated with processing sync with midi music
Music : full composition of an original soundtrack

This is a short animation on original music about a reflection on our society and the virus.

The animated film was fully programmed / edited with processing
3D rendering, Morphing, GLSL shader, 2D/3D animations, midi bus

Very thanks to Dan Shiffman for his wonderful videos :wink:

  • 2D Graphics with inkscape
  • 3D Modeling with blender
  • The sound made with waveform from tracktion
  • VST used to voice: Alterego from plogue com
  • FFmpeg to record image.

Brief technical description:

  • Music send midi messages via midi bus to synchronize graphicals events.
  • I have used PGraphics to layer 2D animations with 3D animations.
  • 3D models made under blender exported to obj. I’ve writing code to import OBJ file
    and to recognize morphing models.
  • Code write of 3D rendering and 3D morphing.
  • “Dot print” effects is a custom GLSL shader I’ve wrote. It can be applied to whole of image or on layer (PGraphics) parts of image.
  • Logo to the end is SVG file imported, each part of svg is animated separatly.

All animations are coded.
For example:

  • Eye is animated procedurally, it react to random events
  • Mouth is drive by music (this is some MIDI events that synchronize animation)
  • Some particles effects
  • Logo animation
  • Transition screens
  • Dot effects layers and components

For record animation, I’ve tried to use VIDEO export lib, but it is too slow, and I have some lags when 3D animation appears. This is loose synchronization with midi events. I have used ffmpeg in command line by external process to grab my screen. But VIDEO export lib very full help me when I developp this project to test progress results.

Video compression of youtube destroy a lot of “dot style” rendering of result.

All comments are welcome !


Love it! Has that Roy Lichtenstein look!

Very thanks you !
Yes I love its work !