"2001: A Space Odyssey" retold using Processing

Hello World and dear Processing community!

Here’s my first Processing project I’d like to share with you guys.

The idea:

  • feed the program with a database of images
  • calculate the average color of each image in the database
  • feed the program with an input image
  • rasterize/split the input image into several equal cells
  • calculate the average color of each cell
  • replace each cell with the next best color match from the database

I was looking for something like this:

That first milestone got reached pretty quick so I decided to explore some variations of it…

Let’s make a video:
I first wanted to try how this would look on an sequence of images.

  • I first needed a way greater database of images since we would now have around 25fps to replace
  • I searched the internet for a free database of images that would let me download these via an API
  • I stumbled upon pixabay.com which would let me download a reasonable amount of images simply by using a token in a http-request
  • So now my little .pde would first download a new database of images on each run

I was pretty excited to see the first result, but unfortunately it turned out to look like a puree of wrong pixels rather than an interesting and pleasing mosaic look that I was looking for… But let’s not loose hope yet!

(I regrettably can’t show you the result since I deleted it (#idiot) and my .pde won’t run anymore since my access token at pixabay is expired… But trust me, you didn’t miss anything!)

An infinite zoom ?
Alright so what could be the next variation of our little mosaic programm since videos wouldn’t do it.

Well I have an image based on images, why not create something close to an infinite zoom ?
If we scale up one of the cells to fullscreen and so on, we could maybe get something interesting.

And so it was!

But we need a story!
Since I am also into filmmaking, I wanted a bit more than just an so called “effect”. Maybe we could use it to narrate something or even to retell something.

So I needed a story, and a story that people would know.

A Space Odyssey:
My professor at uni came up with the idea of Kubrick’s classic “2001: A Space Odyssey” and I decided to give it a shot with an infinite dezoom!

  • To get the database I exported every second of the movie to a an .jpg into a ‘frames’ folder
  • Now I had around 9000 images
  • I manually picked stills from the movie and exported these into a ‘keyframes’ folder
  • The .pde would now first go trough the ‘frames’ folder and only save the images which differ enough from each other into an array list
  • It’d reduce the amount from 9000 to around 400 images to play with
  • Afterwards it’ll process the n+1 still to a mosaic and place the n still into its center cell
  • The n+1 mosaic will then be drawn so that the centered n still is fullscreen
  • It’ll then scale the n+1 mosaic down on every draw call until the n+1 still goes fullscreen
  • And so on until the last still.

See for yourself:


It still got some issues like the moire that comes from the downscaling algorithm in Processing.

The next step would be to check if a picked image from the database was already picked to get more variance in the final mosaics.

I hope your guys enjoyed it and I’d be glad to get some feedback!

I really would like to thank my good friend Ole who really made this possible since he is the brain behind all the math here.


Like most people I have watched many movies on the Internet but that was just the most amazing experience.

Congratulations on a truly remarkable piece of art.


Really mesmerizing! Well done :+1:

I wonder if you could get enough “pixels” using only the still frame of the movie. Inception style =)

Absolutely incredible! My favorite movie of all time and you encapsulate the experience. I particularly liked the reversals at approx. 6 minutes and 7 minutes, because that’s what would happen in a wormhole!

I love everything about this project–thank you for sharing :exploding_head:

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One of the coolest Processing projects I’ve seen! Thanks for sharing.


Awesome project…



great you shared and told the process of getting to the result. Inspires and gives confidence processing is a great tool to even create polished material above prototyping.


Great Work ! Thank you for sharing (F)

Love it but made the mistake to watch it while having a hangover :nauseated_face:

ncie stuff, congrats!
i’ve been trying to retrieve img search on pixabay too.
but I even can’t manage to get some img, I get this failure when I try to use loadimage with any pixabay link
java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2015/04/19/08/32/rose-729509_150.jpg

I can map all the hits in JSON objects and print them properly like “previewURL” and similars…
but it’s up to load images… ti fails. anybody tried something similar?