Zooming in p5.play

See p5.play
In p5.play there is a camera function that allows the user to move around what part of the sketch they are looking at. I figured out that even when the camera is moved the mouseX/mouseY are still relative to the “screen” and are not affected. this is an easy fix, just add the displacement into a new variable. But, the camera also has a zoom feature, how would I find the function/equation to remove the displacement

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In the above link in the main page, AWSD allows to control the rocket. Press k to fire

You are zooming using the camera property, right? This means you ahve control of the zoom. Based on this:

You know how to fix the displacement when the zoom is 1. If you have a zoom of 4, the a displacement of value dx should be corrected by the zoom factor. You do this by calculating: dx_unzoom = dx / zoom whee zoom is 4. If this does not answer your question, please provide some code showing your initial approach for this corrections.


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I will try it and get back to this thread thanks :slight_smile: