Yolov5 into Processing Library

Ive been using processing for sometime now one thing that interest me is the open cv application .

is there is some way to incorporate ultralytics Yolo5v Vision AI into Processing and make it simple to implement . lets say servo control with the Arduino Libraries.

the Yolo application I wanted to implement

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Hi @Clifford,

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You can check out this older post about YOLO detection in Processing:

And also the deep-vision-processing library by @cansik :


yes I found the library for processing Yolov4 yet to see if anyone update it for Yolov5 as im using this version

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Is there now an “official” yolov5 implementation? I guess there was more than one repo claiming to be the next yolov5…


@Clifford I have implemented the Ultralytics YOLOv5 into the DeepVision library for Processing: Release Version 0.9.0 · cansik/deep-vision-processing · GitHub

It is currently not released over the contribution manager, but you can download and install it directly from the releases. There is even an example which shows how to execute YOLOv5. I would recommend to adjust the setTopK(int k) variable according to how many objects you have in your pictures (default is 100). You can read more about this in the YOLOv5 section.

At the moment implemented are the N, S, M, L and X models (640x640). But it would be simple to add custom models by exporting them to the ONNX format.

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