YOLO object detection

Hello guys,

Is there a way to do YOLO real time object detection in processing (or P5.js/processing.py) using a library like this :

I already know OpenCV for computer vision but it doesn’t include object detection.


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Processing.py (Python mode:

Probably not. Processing.py runs on Jython, which means no C / Cython. So YOLO approaches like this:

…won’t work in Processing.py. Similarly, you can’t run Tensorflow on Jython, so all related approaches to YOLO that do work on Processing 2.7 in general

…won’t work on Processing.py.

Processing (Java default mode):

For Java mode, if you want to do Tensorflow in Processing

…then that setup might work with a Tensorflow-based YOLO detector:


I don’t know about p5.js, but I do know that recently @shiffman was working on some p5.js + tensorflow.js example, so YOLO might work with that setup – but I’m not sure.


Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

I checked the darknet YOLO object detection in Python/C :

But I wasn’t able to get it work.
Anyway I think that I’ll watch Daniel Shiffman’s videos on tensorFlow to learn.

By the way https://github.com/KleinYuan/easy-yolo won’t work on Windows, it requires Unbutu.

Thanks again & have a great day.

Right. No C-based code of any kind will work in Processing.py, period.

Maybe also check out p5py, which is a separate Processing project under development and runs in native Python 3.

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