Would like help with Chrome

I know that this not a p5js problem but …
over weeks, days, and months the Print Preview Window on my p5js Editor has gotten smaller and smaller.
When I first started with p5js, the Print Preview Window would go 650 wide by 500 high without scroll bars. (very nice)
so now the Print Preview Window is down to basically 400 by 300. See below.

I have a circa summer 2020, Windows 10 computer, GPU is Iris Graphics 6100, shares 8 gig of RAM with the CPU, default browser is: Chrome Google Chrome is up to date
Version 93.0.4577.63 (Official Build) (64-bit).

This evening, I uninstalled Chrome and Reinstalled Chrome and I still have the 400 wide 300 High Preview Window instead of the 650 wide, 500 High window.

I would like to get back a 650 Wide by 500 High Preview Window.
If anyone has any recommendations, then I would love to hear them.

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You just mean the Preview panel in the editor right? Print Preview is what you would get using your browsers native print functionality and is very different.

This is most likely controlled by some responsive CSS (that is CSS with different settings for different screen/window sizes). One thing you should do is make sure you haven’t changed your browser’s zoom setting (Command+0 or Control+0 usually sets the zoom to the default in most browsers). If that doesn’t work there are browser extensions that allow you to tweak the CSS of webpages, which could allow you to adjust the size.


Yes - I meant the Preview window in the p5js Editor.( I did not intend anything like printer preview.)

Paul, thanks for your help. I will try your recommendation right now.