[Working] Compiling Processing into a JAR file!

Heres an easy way to compile processing apps to jar files!

Note: This doesnt work for FX2D and / or libraries, this works for processing server & client tho.

Step 1:

Export your processing sketch with Linux 64x selected

Step 2:

Go into the exported folder, go to lib. Copy all of its contents into a new folder.

Step 3:

Now select every .jar file, that is in the new folder. Right click → extract → extract here. It will ask you if you want to replace or skip, press replace. Then delete the old .jar files, you don’t need them anymore.

Step 4:

Select every file in the folder. Right click → compress → Compress to .zip. Rename the .zip to a .jar

Now your file will be able to be executed!

Weird. Some time ago (a year? two?) I contested in a jam. Half an hour before deadline, I exported my sketch, took the jar file and uploaded it. Then, when judges tried to view my sketch, it didn’t work.

Now I can guess why. You say the processing script is exported without dependencies?