White flash on fullscreen

Does anyone know if it is possible to remove the white screen that appears for the first at the start of fullscreen apps ? I am using processing in a live show and would like to launch the app during the show without seeing it.

Hello @larry,

I had similar issues recently but on fullscreen.

Try this out:

void setup()
  println(hex(g.backgroundColor));  //Default  background
  size(800, 800);  
  background(0);  // Set background color to match draw

void draw()
  // La la la

I tried setting the background in setup() to match the background in draw() but still had the brief flash.

You could build Processing from the source code and change the default background color if you want to entertain that. I have actually modified the source code so it is possible.

It may vary for different PCs (OS, hardware, video card, etc.).

Also try a different renderer from the default to see what happens.

It is noticeable on my home PC but not on my work PC.


Thanks for the suggestions, it seems like it’s very hard, maybe impossible, to remove. It is made worse in my case by the fact that I am loading a large csv file on startup and then increases the time that the white screen appears.

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Hello again!

Hard but I won’t say it is impossible.

The location of default setting in source code from a quick search:

It was not easy for me to build the source code the first time but was much easier on subsequent efforts.

I may give it a try (change default background) this weekend and get back to you on this.


Amazing! Thank you, I’m doing some pretty ugly workarounds at the moment using symphony and qlab.

Consider using a thread() to load the file in the background:

Set a flag when it is done and the use it in draw() when you are ready!

I have an example if requested.