What is Tkinter?


I have a project in where I have to create a currency converter, so when I searched up examples, a lot of them were using Tkinter and the coding looked really complicated. What exactly is Tkinter? and Is there a way where I don’t necessarily have to import something to make my converter? Any answer is much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Or use another search engine:



Tkinter provides a collection of GUI widgets to construct a graphic interface – think buttons, text fields, windows, and so forth. Without Tkinter or some similar library, all you can do with (plain old) Python is print and capture text in a terminal / command-line environment.

But Tkinter isn’t made for Processing (or Processing Python Mode). If you’re looking for something similar in Processing, you can try ControlP5 (which will also work in Python Mode). But, you don’t have to use some GUI library – you could likely pull this off with Processing’s standard feature set (text and input functions).