What is better pc/mac for Visuals and Audio processing

Hi to everyone, I hope I’m not off-topic.

My question is really simple: I should buy a new laptop and I don’t know if I should take a windows one or a OSX one.
I’m really into processing from a while, and I would like to have the better quality for my audio-visual concert. (using max-msp and Ableton).
Thank you so much <3

Do you want to use Processing or Max-msp/Ableton or both ? :smile:

if that could be possible, for sure both! :smiley:

It depends on what you call “having a better quality”, does it mean a better display quality (Retina screen or whatever…) / better performance (Graphic card, processor, RAM…) ?

Yes sorry,
I need better performance, because I would run two-three programs at the same time, and I don’t want that of three have some lag/freezing problem.

Once again it depends on how much you optimize your code but I recommend you to choose pour laptop depending on the Processor (Intel core I7 for example or higher), the graphic card, a SSD and a good memory capacity (RAM).

Choosing between Mac and Windows also depends on the appearence and the user interface.

Thank you so much, you give me at least a point where to start!
Have a nice day and wish to you th best! <3 :smiley:

Thanks, have a nice day too ! :wink:

PS : I have a DELL Xps 13 and it is a very powerful and beautiful laptop so check it out

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