What comes after cols and rows?

General question. What is the standard/conventional name for a component in the z direction

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it depends a bit from the context…

here it would be plane or etage or floor… (How high a marble is over the ground)?

In Excel it would be the next sheet [or matrix or table ??]

Or I’d say, column, row, depth (Z)


I‘d go with Layer, Aisle or Slice, depending on the situation… though that question doesn‘t really have anything to do with Processing. And a Google search brought up a Ton of answers, so maybe one of those would be what you‘re looking for. Just Google „Rows Columns 3rd Dimension“.

As @Chrisir justly mentioned, context might be a factor to pick the right name. I tend to use level for the z equivalent of rows and columns.

Thanks for all your replies everyone, I’ve gone with stack for now, not sure why, but I feel layer might be more appropriate in the future.

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I couldn’t resist…

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