WEBGL code in WEBEDITOR does not work

When I use the p5.js web editor all my WEBGL codes do not work. It was working a few hours ago. What is everyone else’s experience?

EDIT: I tested my code on my mothers laptop and it works on mozilla firefox, for some reason it does not work on my laptop woth google chrome?

UPDATE: Yeah it works on Mozilla firefox. What could the possible problems be? My WEBGL codes on chrome are either blank or a background colored canvas.

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Hi @rubbing, this tends to be an issue in chrome. This link should help - https://www.thewindowsclub.com/webgl-is-not-supported-on-chrome-firefox What OS are you using?


Thanks for your help ! The link sent me to the right direction. For some reason rather than enabling " Use hardware acceleration when available," disabling it helped.

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Glad to help. Best of luck on your project!