Web editor jumps around when errors occur while im writing classes

I don’t really know where to post this, but there is something i am REALLY annoyed by in the p5.js web editor.
Whenever i am writing a class or extending a class, i have to pause to think of a name for the class (it happens at other moments but this is the only one i have realised) and during that time the auto-refresh kicks in. And when it runs it realizes that “hmm… that’s not written correctly” and it messes up so some code doesn’t work. And then it jumps over to the code that doesn’t work because i havent finished writing the class. So i start writing text in some random position that i didnt want anything to do with right then.

My solution to this problem is that instead of just jumping around in the code, it should instead warn you in the console and when you click on it then it should jump to the code.

What browser are you using? For me it does not change the text cursor position (point where I’m typing) when highlighting errors encountered during auto refresh. I’m using Firefox.

Obvious alternative would be to disable Auto Refresh.