P5js console scroll

Hi guys, I’m excited to be a new member of the (so far) amazing processing community!

Quick question:

In the p5js web editor, is there a way to get the console to scroll down every time a new line is printed? When I work in Processing or look at the browser console I can easily read the latest output when one pops in, but in the p5js editor I have to scroll down manually. This is especially frustrating when I output a lot, like when I write the frameRate() every second.

Is there an easy fix for this? Or will I have to accept this until I learn how to contribute to the source :stuck_out_tongue: ?


Hello and welcome, @Hapiel! :partying_face:

It looks like you may have encountered a bug. Issue #1541 recently opened over at the GitHub repository. Until its fixed, you could just minimize the Web Editor Console and user the built-in web browser console instead.