Web browser integration on Android

Just a small annoyance, might be specific my phone, Android / Chrome. Specifics available if needed.

I like to grab places I want to come back to by just opening the the “⋮”-menu (top right) and selecting “Add to stratup screen…” (or similar, in german, “Zum Startbildschirm hinzufügen”)

When I visit this place, it takes away the title bar…most of the time? OK, screen estate is valuable…but here comes the problem:

And even when it is visinble somehow, the menu entry has been replaced by “Open Processing” Nice, but can I please also have the original entry?


Best regards

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That’s the way it works. But I understand your frustration.
For that reason I use the Google Chrome favorite widget, extending it over the whole screen, with all my most important sites that will fully open.

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