Android_101: How to open a window

This basic demo should open a window on an Android device. Buttons will be added in a future demo. Reference:

color BLUE = color(64,124,188);
void setup() {

void draw() {

ok done …

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ok done …

@svan === and so what is the question?

There is no question. It is a simple demo that shows how to open a window on an Android device. I was concerned that some may not know how to do this. I’m getting ready to post several more demos that illustrate basic code. This seems to be the primary list for Processing with Android mode and personally I prefer it over larger, more complicated ides. Therefore I’m willing to donate code and participate in discussions (which seem to be lessened with Noel’s departure).

@svan === ok but there are “basic” examples for android in the android P5 reference which people have to read and i think that we have here to answer questions concerning problems which are not solved by the existing doc; that s why i was absolutely convinced that the idea from Noel (A github repo for this kind of things) was and is an excellent one.

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  1. I’m not sure everyone reads the P5 reference, but they might search the list.
  2. I have demos that are far more complicated that I’m getting ready to post.
  3. I agree that the code repository is a good idea. However, the url is not widely published and currently I don’t even know where it is located.
  4. Who controls the repository and who decides what is posted there?
  5. Is Noel still involved and actively maintaining it?
  6. The list is for more than just asking questions in my opinion, but I’m certainly not going to post code if it’s not wanted.

Hi @svan ,

Note that your code is not specific to Android but it’s a simple sketch structure that can also work on Processing Java.

The nice point about Processing and all the variants is that the API (the functions and how it works) is similar between Java, Python, JavaScript and Android of course. :wink:

They should do so!! I think that the Processing website and The Coding Train’s video are the first links people look at when learning Processing and the forum comes after when they have issues :grin:

I agree with @akenaton that a repository on GitHub is more adapted for this and you can create your own (and then share it on the forum) !