Way to export regular executable files with Processing.js

I know that Processing.js is no longer being developed but I must export my sketch as more like a regular executable program and less like an applet.

First problem is what the system sees the sketch as on Windows: when I go to the task manager, I see the sketch is recognized as two sets of “JAVA™ Platform SE Binary” programs. Isn’t really a way to get it titled with my app name and icon?

And yes, the second problem is the icon. For the icon on the titlebar and taskbar, I’m using the code below:

PImage icon = loadImage("icon.png");

as suggested here.

And for the application icon, I tried changing the default icon of the Processing at processing-3.5.4-windows64\processing-3.5.4\modes\java\application\sketch.ico

Windows still doesn’t recognize the icon .on the task manager.

And the last step to the regular executable file is the Software details you get on the ‘Properties’ window. Can I change the version, the author info etc?

Is hacking needed to achieve those things?

I’m thinking of getting a professional code signing for the OS and the clients to see it’s from a verified publisher. Does that procedure allow me to apply any of those things?

Any help is much appreciated.

I’ve tested this code with the icon image below, and then exported the app (not full screen) without any problems on my windows 64bit. Shutting down the IDE, I just see the executable in the task manager.

void setup() {
  size(500, 500);
  PImage icon = loadImage("icon.png");


Thanks novel.

But I’m only getting “Java™ Platfrom SE Binary” in the task manager after running the *.exe file in the application.windows64 folder.

Not exporting full-screen, either.
Also using 64-bit Windows 10.

What might be the problem?

Oh, you mean as a process?
All java based programs will run this; It’s part of the underlying Java virtual machine.JVM Not a problem

Now I think I understand what you want. You don’t want to change the window icon, but the executable icon, as well as the property description, when you right-click the app.
This you can achieve with a program called Resource Hacker. You can download it here.
Here is also some information how to do it.