"wait until" syntax?

Hi all - is there any way I can make some section of code in draw() only after a certain event has happened?

For example can I only start drawing things after a mouseclick or if the user presses a set key?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Yes, just use a boolean.

boolean start = false;

void setup() {
   size(500, 400);

void draw() {
   if (start) {

void mousePressed() {
   start = true;

Thank you so much. I liked my game much more because of your code. Thank you again!


I appreciate this, but this must surely slow down the program somewhat?

? I mean… sure… that‘s how programing works… you add functionality and it makes more things happen, which obviously means finishing a Frame takes longer…

But if you mean that you will notice the difference… no. It‘s just an if statement. The background(0); function alone goes through a Ton of if statements, just like any function you can think of uses on average ~ 50 if statements (not themselves, but the functions they call also count).

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boolean is one idea.

When you have different screens (and not only two) you can use an int variable, in the forum mostly referred to as state.

int state = 0; 


if (state==0){
    // screen 1
else if (state==1){
    // screen 2
else if (state==2){
    // screen 3

Yes – single if statements themselves are basically free – like putting a grain of sand in a truck. If you add many millions of grains of sand, you could eventually slow the truck down, but it will take a lot – it is never worth counting them individually. When in doubt, test.

Instead of how many ifs, the key to performance is how much (is the if in a for loop?) of whatever is inside them – including the if condition statement. On my laptop this sketch runs smoothly even when testing 2,147,483,647 if statements per frame, 60fps.

On the other hand, when you switch to a modulo or a random number inside each if condition, the sketch might start to slow down a lot after a mere 10,000,000 ifs per frame or so… only 60,000,000 ifs per second. Now you are filling your truck with gravel, or pebbles. Still not worth counting individually – but it takes fewer to fill up.

 * How Many Ifs
 * 2019-12 Processing 3.4
 * https://discourse.processing.org/t/wait-until-syntax/15838/3

int ifs = 10;

void draw() {  

  if (frameCount%180==0) ifs *= 10;
  if (ifs > 1000000000 || ifs < 0) ifs = MAX_INT;

  int x=0;
  int rnd = (int)random(ifs);
  for (int i=0; i<ifs; i++) {
    if (i>rnd) {            // simple test, full speed
    // if (ifs%(i+1)==0) {  // slightly harder math, eventually slows
    // if (random(1)>0.5){  // random(), much heavier lift, eventually crawls
  text(frameRate, 10, 25);
  text(str(ifs) + "\n~ifs/frame", 10, 45);