Wait between port writes

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I’m trying to figure out a way to wait a certain amount of time between sending serial data to my arduino.

I want to be a able to “animate” what gets sent through serial by pressing a button and waiting in between each port.write(). Is there a way to do this in Processing, or is there another program I can use to send serial seperately in a timed way like this?


You can use delay or millis

Try this example with and without delay

There is other many ways to do what you want

void draw() {
  if (mousePressed == true) {
    delay (1000);
  } else {
  rect(5, 5, 150, 150);

This is other example for time delay using millis

int start;
int duration = 1500;
void setup() {
  size(600, 600);
  start= millis();
void draw() {
   int count = millis() - start;
  if (count> duration) {

Hi @PaladinBobcat, if you look at my example you’ll see it sends on every other draw(); The decision can easily be changed to other logic.