Visual with 'forces' + musical accompaniment

I’ve been leaning the ropes of Processing and attempting to create visuals that fit the aesthetic of my electronic music instrumentals. This is my first post on this forum since I’ve started my Processing journey; I’d love to hear what you folks think. Cheers!

5X5 - condenser (Processing Visual)

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Beautiful – thank you for sharing it! Very subtle layered rotating / folding motion, with a nice sense of depth.

Thanks! Appreciate you checking it out! I’m working on a new sketch at the moment-

I’m having trouble figuring out a way to update a particle system class’s location on the screen. Would you possibly have any ideas as to how this might be achieved? Thanks in advance, Cheers.

This is not clear. Share your code? Just a very simple MCVE showing an example particle system instance, and explaining what you mean by wanting to “update … location.”

Note that you don’t (usually) update the location of a class – you update the object, e.g. myParticleSystem.move(x, y); myParticleSystem.draw();

You can also leave all particle system objects rooted at 0,0, but wrap location management around the objects – so: pushMatrix(); translate(x, y); myParticleSystem.draw(); popMatrix();