Video not playing on one particular computer bought only for this project

So we bought a machine for simple green screen with webcam should be up and running on an exhibition. I wrote a simple code wich works on any other computer we ve tested on. Not on the one it should. Weirdly enough if we test the videos with the provided example (movie.loop) it is not working either no matter how we encode the video. Tried many solutions with installing ffmpeg and disabling the firewall, but no luck. What could possibly cause this? (yes the file is in the data folder) Processing is the latest as of now (2019 may 08.) the computer is the following:

win 10

Pls help me what could be the solution. I paste the code if you wish but it is running on other systems without problem.

Thanks in advance

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Did you test it uisng an older version of Processing?

So thankx for the help, problem seems solved and it was not because of processing. It was simply a screwed up installation of win 10! I was desperate… :slight_smile:

srry, and have fun thnx